Articles of Interest
 Articles of Interest
  Coaldale Mining and Events.
  Coal Mining in Coaldale...(May, 1953, courtesy of Jack Yalch, The Valley Gazette, March 1979)
  When the Miners Said Goodbye Forever...April 1973
  He Helped Unionize the Breaker Boys at No. 8 - "Peter A. Bybel"...January 1990
  Panther Valley Mining Suffers Death Blow 1960
  Dr. Marvin " Marvie " Evans - No. 8 Breaker - DO YOU REMEMBER
   16,000 Visited No. 8 Mine at Coaldale in '35
  Anthracite Wage Agreement of Nov 1., 1952
  Letter to Coaldale Mining Company Employees in 1959
  Whatever Happened to the Number 8 Breaker Whistle?.....By Ed Gildea...November 1975
  Song - Three Men from Coaldale 1972 And TheU-Nee MAN Polka
  Legends of the Mines -1976
  Picking, Cracking and Screening Coal.....By Stephen A. Kalista, Sr.
  Equalization March Born in Coaldale (1933)
  Coaldale Colliery, by John Berninger American Art
   The Last Strike of the Panther Valley’s Deep Miners
   The 1937 strike..."Life" magazine
  Mine Mule Used As A Hostage In A "Stay-Down Strike"
  Miners Boys 1995 Report
  Coal Miners Recall Industry That Fueled Region...Morning Call_August_2000
  Robbing the Pillars...A Report from Anthracite Coal Michael Buozis, August 9, 2012
  Eight Men Entombed For Nearly A Week Survived...1915
  Working at the coal mine; building a business on anthracite..April 22, 2012
   How the Women Mopped up Coaldale. Re: Autobiography of Mother Jones
   Last 4 Members Of Miner's Club Will Be Honored...1998
   Historian Digs Deep To Record The Lives Of Miners In Schuylkill...1987
   Coaldale Dedicates Mine Memorial Ceremony At Route 209 And First Avenue Jacky Martin
   Colliery: Mine No. 8 - with Photos
   Molly Maguies - Local
   Molly Maguire Ancestor To Speak To Irish-Americans (1994)
   Mollies' Ghosts Still Haunt Mining Towns
   Molly Maguire Re-enactment In Tamaqua Is Part Of Sunday Event....(1998)
   Oldest Anthracite Company...2007
   Anthracite coal mine, miniature model
  Old Company's Lehigh - Trade Mark - With Bull Eye's Symbol
  Labor Day, 1950, in Coaldale
Trolleys Went Everywhere In Early 1900s
   I Never Hit a Homer...By Bob Sharpe
   More on Harold's Corner Store ...By Bob Sharpe
   The Table Rock....By Bob Sharpe
   Collecting Splinters...By Bob Sharpe
   Phil_Domin....By Bob Sharpe
   Harold's Corner Store..A Lesson from the Coach ....By Bob Sharpe
   A Week at Lake Hauto ... By Bob Sharpe
   Skrabby...........James F. Skrabak ...By Bob Sharpe
   Sharpe Family -articles - with Photos
   Father Mychal Judge OFM FDNY...By Bob Sharpe
   Dr. Len Lithgow......Novocaine is for Sissies...By Bob Sharpe
   A 1950's Coaldale Christmas...By Bob Sharpe
  The Big Office...By Sharpe
  Robert (Bob) Sharpe - Named "Tradesperson of the Year" .
   Clubs, Organization and Stores
   History of the Coaldale Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troops...1976
   Coaldale Cub Scout Pack Awarded (1958)
   History of the Coaldale Brownies and Girl Scout Troops...1976
   Air Scouts
   History Story of Coaldale Business & Professional Womem's (BPW) Club - 1976  
   VFW - American Legion...
   Coaldale VFW Home Gets Facelift (1978)
   Veterans of Foreign Wars & Ladies Auxillary
   Coaldale Lions Club - 1976
   It's Business as Usual at Kuetalaitis' s in Coaldale
   Coaldale Store Closes as Steve Vahovich Retires - 1979
   Coaldale Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 - 1976
   $6,000 Goal Set by By Coaldale Lions For Ambulance dedicated to Randolph Harvey Nov. 11, 1963
   C.H.O.S.E - 1996 - "Raymer and Sharpe"
   65 Children Participated In Coaldale Mini-Olympics
   Coaldale CHOSE Keeping Kids Busy (1984)......Winners Announced In Coaldale's HalloweenParade (1985)
   Choose - Photoreports of 2011 - (Christmas)
   Houses In Coaldale Compete For Best Decorated ...(CHOSE) - December 14, 1999 by KATHY RUFF
   'tis The Season To Light A Tree ...November 29, 1999 by GERRY ULICNY
   C.H.O.S.E. Tree Lighting, Santa, Christmas Party, Coaldale (12-1-2013) - Photos by Andrew Leibenguth - Click me...
   "CHOSE" Gives Awards to Boys (1958)
   Parades, Grapes, and Witches Teeth...Regina Newell experience
   (1). HE LAST CELEBRATION Saturday, September 6, 2014 Coaldale Russian Club will close this year.--(2) Russian Citizens Club gets new lease on life
   Melodies of Christmas ring out in Coaldale ANDREW LEIBENGUTH/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS) 2009
   Santa Break Leg in Chute Jump... 1936
   King Brothers Orchestra
   Panther Valley Polka Lively music has deep roots in the Coal Region...Monday, May 16, 2011...By CHRIS PARKER
   JAY SMAR – FOLK MUSICIAN...1992 by Christina M. Parker
   The West Ward Rod and Gun Club
   Coaldale Hospital
   Costello's Restaurant is Closed for Business April 29, 2011
   Coaldale Bars
   JMP - Pislak's Dairy
   EMCO (Evans - Molotzak & Company
   Panther Valley High Cadets Receive Awards...June 20, 1991|The Morning Call
   Halloween in Old Coaldale - 1950...By Bill Scutta
   Christmas 1953 ...By Bill Scutta
   The Story of St. Mary's...Submitted by Bill Scutta
   Photos - Homes Dressed in the Halloween Spirit
   Big Green
    Big Greens; Latter-Day 1946: Big Greens retain Title 1923...(BG)...(Big Green)
    Anthracite League...Founded 1924
    Re: Big Green: Asplundth’s Wonderful Toe Crowns Coaldale Victors 3-0...(BG)
     Coaldale Big Green – Football Legends of the Lykens Valley...CoaldaleBigGreen-1921...BG
    COALDALE VICTOR IN SEASON WINDUP – Coal Title in Dispute -Big Greens - 1922...(BG)
    The Ballad of The Big Green...(BG)
    Big Green: Teamwork and Who was the best - 1973...(BG)
    Blue"Bonner Coaldale Superstar and Legend...(BG)
    LES ASPLUNDH remembers...(BG)
    Foes_Found_It_did not_Pay_to_Go_One_on_One_against_ "Blue"_Bonner 1976...(BG)
    Big Green - 1920 Season 1955...BG
    Football Practise To Start Tuesday 1921....BG
    A Poetic Tribute to Big Green Football Great “Blue” Bonner 1973...BG
    The “Latter-day” (1946) Big Green...BG
    Coaldale Football - History...BG 
   Coaldale Big Greens -with links - (Ghosts of Gridiron)
   Eastern League of Professional Football ...1926 - 1927
   Of Miners and Men - By Dan Daly, The Washington Times, Tuesday, September 18, 2012
   Gold Seals Bow to Coaldale...1923
  "(Honeboy)" Evans' 20-Yard Run Gives Coaldale Title...1921
   The Morning Call: Lehigh Valley Area All-Time Football Team Nominees
   GILDEA WILL AGAIN MANAGE COALDALE...Mount carmel. pa., Monday, march 26, 1923.
   Michael Havrischak - Historian Digs Deep To Record The Lives Of Miners In Schuylkill February 05, 1987 - by ROBERT H. ORENSTEIN
    Casey" Gildea(by Jack Yalch, Valley Gazette, October 2003)...COALDALE'S MAN OF ACTION - 1986..James H. "Casey' Gildea
    Hilary Gildea (1890-1988)...a short biography
    Joe Sheppe, Old-Time Boxer, Visits Coaldale - 1979  
     Kalista Family - A hundred years of history 2010
    Captain Winlack - Civil War Hero - Coaldale's Postmaster
    Coaldale Postmaster's 1872-2005
    Dolph Tokarczyk, a Coaldale guy
    Philip J. Jeffries ....."Our Heritage" ...(Website)
    "TOM RAYMER'S SENSATIONAL RECORD"... Retires After 39 Years." 1965
    "Doc" Julo
    Dan Ziegler’s Collection of Badges...November 1988
    Colonel Bob Stoffey
     Faye Lewis (1948 Alumnus) - Coaldale activist - Honored on her Birthday . July 3, 2000
    Tony Wargo - Navy's Greatest Fan ...By Edwin C. Jones, Jr.
    George Welsh - Testimonial to a Midshipman 1955
     Robert (Bobby) Parfitt...2003
     RICH MILLER - A SCHOLAR, ATHLETE, and LEADER ... By Mike Punchara ...1981
     Dr. Richard C. Miller... Received " Congressman's Medal of Honor" - December, 1981
     Archbishop Francis James Furey - 1979
     Legion Will Honor Outstanding Citizen (1933)...Tommy John Evans
     1978 Shamrock Award – Dick Hoben (CHS 1937) ...July 1978
     Macenka was the Best of the Ballroom Dancers...1974
     Frank Cassman..A Glistening Souvenir of a Mining Career...1973
     Exploits of John “Honeyboy” Evans -- On the field, in the ring, on the track...1979
     My dad, my hero and best coal miner in the whole world...Bill Evans...2010
     The Story About My Dad - And His Dad ...Harry Everhart ....2011
     Dr. Condy C. Gallagher...born 1863
     Miner Musician: Albert Bryce Morgan...born 1896
     Coaldale Doctor Honored by Irish American Group...1973
     Dr. D's Journey: Scholarship Has Shaped Jim Dougherty's Life...2008
      Retiring A Difficult Decision For Gangaware September 15, 1985 by RUDY BEDNAR
     John Pavelko...
     Dennis Gildea - Author of "Hoops" - Native of Coaldale - A Graduate of Marian High School
     Joe Macenka - Author of "Hope Emerges" - focuses book on Wounded Warriors
     The lady from Coaldale - by Artist Kit Dalton
     Coaldale Man To Receive The Shamrock Award...1996
     Coaldale native brings stories, songs to teen canteen....BY STEPHEN J. PYTAK / PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 9, 2016
    Coaldale High School
      Commencement 1903
      Coaldale High Commencement Was Held Wednesday Night (1954)
      CHS- Building - 1914  
      Coaldale Songs
      How Our School is Growing 1932
      C. H.S. to present (Christmas) Pageant...1947
      Coaldale Complex - 1974  
      Saving the Tiger 1975
      Coaldale High School Commencement - 1919
      Brownie, Teachers, Fun and Games in Coaldale...1991
      Neil J. Boyle –First President of Coaldale School Board...1961- 64
      History of Coaldale High School 1920 - Source 1933 Stentor
      1930_High School Dedication
      Prom Queens and Their Court
      George Matrician, CHS Band Director
      Education in Coaldale...Compiled by Ann Farrel
      Seek's Four Schools 1973.....By Michael Havrischak
      Grant For Coaldale School - Chris Parker
      1947 Activites and Events...1. Coaldale High School to Present Pageant....2. Lecture - Hell Loose on the Border
      3. New Ambulance Arrives Today at Coaldale....4. Wilber Berger named District 11 Committee member
      Christmas Plays -- 1961, 1952. 1941
      Panther Valley High to Operate as One Unit in Next School Year...1963
   Bleacher Echos – 1932...Community
   Coaldale Church Baseball League...50th Anniversary Banquet 1982...Community
   Coaldale Prefers Track in Spring; Baseball Ended 1961...CHS
  "Flatty" Klepic Snares P.V. Pitching Honors – 1946....Community
    Coaldale Got the Pennant on a Forfeit 1943....Community
    Little League's Return Big In Panther Valley...1968
   Baseball Photos and Photoreports
  Mike Paslawsky Barely Misses No-Hit Game As Greeks Trip Polish 10-0 (circa 1932)
  Connie Mack – Philadephia A's Class D Team – Proposed Coaldale "Stadium" - 1950
  CHS Basketbll - 1920
  Coaldale Beats Lansford in Foul-Marred Contest (1946)
  Gbur Added to List of Tiger Greats
  Tiger Comeback Produces Title in Second Half...1960
  Photos - Random Basketball Teams
  CHS Basketball - 1938
  Gbur, Evans Lead Tigers at Blythe Township (1958)
  For 38 years, Dick McIntyre has been the voice of Panther boys' basketball...By Rich Strack [email protected]., Jan. 30, 2014
  Jerries Lose to Coaldale (1958)...St. Cyril's, of Coaldale, Tops Locals
   Track Records...Re: 1961...CHS
   Track Photos and Photoreports
   Coaldale Prefers Track...1961
   Black Diamond Meet Records...1956
   Track Interest Declining in Panther Creek Valley
   Invitational Track Meets Were Rudy Bednar
   Pottsville Again Gets The Districts...October 26, 1995|by RUDY BEDNAR (A free-lance story for The Morning Call).
   100 Years of Coaldale Sports Legends... 2011
   Schuylkill County Dream Game – South Team – 1940
   Sports History-1969
   1950 Football Newspaper Articles
   Coaldale 13 Tamaqua 6 1942 (1991)
   Coaldale Celebrates Winning of Championship - January 14, 1922
   Random Thanksgiving Games Football Photos
  Thanksgiving 1947 via Tamaqua Courier - Attendance 8000 plus.
  Thanksgiving 1958 via Tamaqua Courier
   Thanksgiving 1945.....By Curt Williams
    Coaldale, Lansford End Long Series on Thursday...Nov. 24, 1963   
   Times Have Changed At Thanksgiving...1962 Rudy Bednar...1997
   The Big Game on Thanksgiving was St. Jerome’s Versus Coaldale - 1989
   Football Born at CHS & St. Mary's in 1921
   Coaldale Sports Feats -- On This Date – 1940s, 1950s, 1960s
   Lansford-Coaldale Scoreless Struggle in the Snow - Jack Yalch
   Tigers defeat Kulmont 12-6 --1960
   Coaldale ...Jars Mcadoo, 31-0 ends 15 game Losing Streak - 1960
   Review of the 1934 Football Season (9-0-0)
   Tom Raymer Had to Rebuild at Coaldale (in 1942)
   Turnout Lowest of Decade for Coaldale Squad...(Reading Eagle, August 30, 1959)
   1958 - Coaldale 20 - McAdoo 0
   Alumni Games Were Lots Of Fun...December 05, 1991|by RUDY BEDNAR
  Steve Martinec - Profile
  Raymer Career one of Greatest in Grid Annals
  1947 Football Season Via Tamaqua Courier
  Panthers' Program Had Fast Start In '64...September 08, 2000|By RUDY BEDNAR
    (1) 21st Annual Sugar Bowl Classic -- January 1, 1955 – Navy 21, Ole Miss 0 ...

    (2) VIRGINIA SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 342 -Commending George Welsh

   Navy Let George Do It And He Did -1954
   Welsh Still Is Coaldale's Hero -1986  
   Notable Son of the Coal Region...George Welsh
   George Welsh Selected to College Football Hall of Fame...2004   
   ACC Announces 2014 Football Championship Game Legends Class...Re: George Welsh
Navy Football: The George Welsh Years...By Matt Zemek, June 11, 2015   
   Coaldale Hands Scranton Tech 1st Loss (1950)
   Coaldale Coaching Post Open Fourth Time in Four Years...June 7, 1959
   Tamaqua, Coaldale May Never Renew Football Relations 1959
   Pickup Games in Coaldale To Top Of Football World 1990 - George Welsh Bob Laylo
   Vince Gildea Coaches First PVC Football Team (in 1944)
   Pete Radocha...Football and Baseball...1986
   Bill Sproule...1955
    Bob "Bogie" Griffith...1963
    Bill Edwards: a player, coach, athletic trainer, and developer of athletes
   `Wink' Was In A Class By Himself...1992
    Random Thanksgiving Games Football Photos
    Quarterback recruit inherits his father's PSU dream... (Dr. Richard Miller - Grandson)
    Danny Sneddon - 1925
    George Greiner 1965 - 2011
    John "Teeler" Jabbo ...1941 (Also a Champion Tract Star)
    Former Tiger Athletes Paid Final Respects to Raymer ...1967
    Coaldale"s 11-0 Football Record in 1962 was Due to Pure "L.U.C.K"...2012 by Mike Panchura
    Coaldale vs Reading - 1947
   From the Files of McCartney - "CHS Football & Track in 1950 & 1951 Seasons."
   Programs Have Come A Long Way...July 21, 1994 by Rudy Bednar
   Knee Surgery Can't Get Unitis Back On Grid...1992
   Coal Region Flavor Grows Stronger at George Washington...1959
   Thursday Games Not New To Area...1994 by Rudy Bednar
    Play in Senior Bowl Brings...1959
   Winsko Leads Coaldale to 25-0 Victory...1963
   Reading High Gridders Face Tough Opponent in Coaldale (1947)
   1. Poli Has Had Hall Of Fame Sports Life...RUDY'S REPLAY...July 20, 1995|by RUDY BEDNAR (A free-lance story for The Morning Call)
Ligenza, Poli among SCFCA inductees...ORWIGSBURG...Tuesday, August 13, 2013
   Thanksgiving - 1946
   PV's Jay Hoffman (CHS '64) And Charlie Williams Cited By Wrestling Officials
   A Reunion For Golden Dragons...April 28, 1994|by RUDY BEDNAR
   Christen Hackenberg is the grandson of CHS '63 graduate, Dr. Richard C. Miller
   'Angel' Donovan returns to Marian as featured speaker...
   Bernard "Bunny" Blaney...Delaware News Journal
Panther Valley High School
   P V H S Honors 1965 Class Veterans With Photo of Coaldale Students
   PV Team Of '64 One Of A Kind
   Jim McCartney - Photos...Plus
   Tamaqua Evening Courier (1923)...Various Clips
    Professional Football
    John Kuzman - Former National Football League Player
    1. Gildea in Line for Punt Title – 1936 2. World Champship Jacquet 3. Johnny Gildea Named Coach of Sem-Pros
   Eastern League of Professional Football (Founded by Casey Gildea)...1926
   Forever Young Dennis Gildea
    Beaky Dennis Gildea
    Jim McCartney - Photos...Plus
   Joseph (Chappie) Sharpe...1988... By Urban..
    A worthy selection -1986-...By Bob Urban
    THE 1962 TIGERS - UNBEATEN, UNMATCHED  ...By bob Urban
    A Walk Back Through Time with An Old Friend (Geno Poli) Bob Urban
    Bleeding orange, bleeding black Bob Urban
    A Night for Geno.....By Bob Urban
    Poli meant so much to Coaldale 1996 Bob Urban.
    Coal Cracker: No Challenge Was Too Great for the Soldier Bob Urban
    Bob_Urban - 1978
    Tribute to a Winner - Geno Poli...Bob Urban
    Bunny (Blaney) first hopped in Coaldale 
    One Photo's Worth a Thousand Memories - Bob Urban
    Ed "Peewee" Mantz ..June, Bob Urban
    Doc and Chappy, Back Home Bob Urban...-...Coaldale To Rename Sports Field...1995 community newsline
    Robert 'Bob' Urban retires as TN DONALD R. SERFASS
    Angela Theatre - with photos - MOST INTERESTING
    The following three articles are found on the same page.
    At The Movies Plot Thickens As Usher Follows His Heart Home....1995
    An Angel For The Angela ...1998
    Historic movie houses face uncertain future with switch to digital...2012
    A Tank Named Coaldale WWII
             Fly to Texas 2009
    Veteran's Rite - 1972
    Bill Gaddes B-29 --2011
     Coaldale’s Peter Brunda Eyewitnessed ’41 Attack on James J. Furey
    Tribute to Women -2009...By Faye Lewis
    Coaldale Teacher Among First to Join WAVES in 1942
    Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941...By Curt Williams
    Thanksgiving - 1918
    B-29 and B-52 TAIL GUNNERS DONATE GUNSIGHT Bill Gaddes
    Coaldale native promoted to Air Force Lt. Colonel ...Jan. 03. 2006
    Steve Rajnic's Last Letter...1944...Chris Parker
    Coaldale honors those who died for freedom Panther Valley High ROTC's rifle ... plays taps. May 26, 2003 by Jeff Christman\
    World War II monument presented in Coaldale...2007
    Coaldale mural honors service...raising meant to laud all veterans...November 12, 2007|By Ashley Kosciolek Special to The Morning Call - Freelance
    Coaldale Honors Military Heroes In Ceremonies...1993...Christina Parker
    Coaldale Memorial Services Pay Tribute To Fallen Soldiers...1984
    THE INCREDIBLE 100 GUN ‘MAN-O-WAR’ 1500’s TO 1800’ William Gaddes
    Major Bernard J. Duffy...Circa - 1945
     Seek Residents Are `Big Family' That Won't Forget
    JOHN G. BUSAVAGE (Captain, US Coast Guard, ret. 1992)
    John King - WWII (Service Under General Patton)
    George Lutchkus - Receipient of the Navy Cross
     Coaldale/Seek Soldiers who Fought at Gettysburg
    Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 6982 in Coaldale
   Coaldale Marine the first Marine killed in Action in World War ll. - John Katchak - December7, 1941
    Norman Nestrak - Killed in Action - Holder of the Purple Heart
    A Christmas Lost Bill Edwards - CHS 1963
    Silas Hoffman_Civil War Veteran - 1819
    COALDALE SAILOR KILLED AT PEARL HARBOR - George Stembrosky - December 7, 1941
   Paying tribute to lost soldiers..Re: beruit. by Chris Parker Oct. 24, 2013
   John Scutta...WWll at the "Battle of the Bulge"
   Remembering Our Heros...Jill Whalen - Standard Speaker - December 7, 2013 - and Bill Gaddes-November 25, 2013
   Veterans Day Rites at Coaldale High (1958)
   Coaldale Honors Military Heroes In Ceremonies...May 24, 1993|by CHRISTINA M. PARKER, Special to The Morning Call
   1. JROTC salutes area veterans with flag...Wednesday, April 8, 2015...LISA PRICE/TIMES NEWS
   2. Nicholas A. Paraschak...Coaldale Resident Retires After 32 Years In Army...March 15, 1984|The Morning Call
   Plaque Looks As If It Was Through The War...It Was....October 11, 1990|by KATHARINE McKEE, The Morning Call
   Well, murals highlight women's memorial...BY JILL WHALEN (STAFF WRITER - Standard Speaker)...Published: January 5, 2014
  After a 'Sick-Out' on the Panama Canal, General Parfitt Gets the Ships Moving Again
   Schuylkill Dedicates Monument... Captain Norman L. Nesterak
   150 years ago, some Pa. coal miners nearly turned the tide of the Civil War: Jim Corrigan
   2015 Year's activities - Military - Special flag ceremony is held in Coaldale - FLAG RAISING CEREMONY HELD IN COALDALE
   Welcome to Coaldale Borough Online...
   Coaldale, Schuylkill County, Pennsylviania...(Wiki)
   The Founding Family (of Coaldale & Tamaqua, i.e., The Mosers)
   History of Coaldale (1827) David Kuchta
   History of Coaldale via Rahn Township, Coal dale, Gearytown, etc....1881
   Coal Dale and Gearytown
    Recreation Center
    Coaldale Schools Are No More 1977
   Coaldale To Rename Sports Field
   Coaldale Wants Snow Plow Law...March 09, 1994|by BOB LAYLO, The Morning Call
   The Curtain Call Players - Ruth West - Charter Member and Active Participant - 1973 thru 1979, Times News, March 9, 2012
   1. Coaldale field to be used for sports...State grant will turn site into volleyball courts, recreation use.
   May 26, 2006|By Sarah Fulton Special to The Morning Call - Freelance
   2. Beach volleyball's popularity spikes -- far from the shore...(in Coaldale)...Coaldale inaugurates play at its new park.
   July 10, 2008|By Lisa Price Special to The Morning Call - Freelance
   Claire Remington - Coaldale's new mayor "nervous' but ready for job...2002... Chris Parker...TheMorning Call
   Bank's Lobby Is A Journey Into Yesteryear...November 22, 1988|The Morning Call
  COALDALE NEWS ON DECEMBER 10, 1945 - Morning Call
    Hospital Listings
    The Opening of the "Panther Creek Valley Hospital"......(1910)
    History of Hospital in Coaldale
    Coaldale State Hospital
    Decision made to demolish former nurses' residence...February, 2013
   Contractors start demolition of 80-year old landmark
    Coaldale Hospital's 75th Walter Krauss
    Miners' Efforts Praised As Hospital Marks Its 75th Year - June 23, 1986|by ROBERT FLEXER, The Morning Call
    Mural Depicts Hard Times In The Hard-coal Bob Laylo
    Coal Country Fears Hospital Closings by Paul Paul Nuesbaum
    Photos - of the Hospital
    Coaldale Hospital Plans Olympic Games For Area's Nursing-home Residents 1988 by Robert Flexer, The Morning Call
    St. Luke's Miners celebrates 100 years of caring 2010...By ANDREW LEIBENGUTH TN Correspondent [email protected]
    The No. 12 Swimming Hole Near Steven A. Kalista
    Community Day a Mike Urban: Coaldale Begins Birthday Jackie Martin - 2000
    Coaldale 175th anniversary is on parade...2002
    Coaldale Calendar —2000 ...175th Anniversary Committee Reports
    Daredeviles:Cannonball.Santa, Infamous Games   
    Coaldale Council Favorable to Swimming Pool
    Cave-in Spelled Doom for a Coaldale Block ...July 1959
     Subsidence...Water Street...1968
    The day the earth opened 50 years ago today, Coaldale homes lost to an old coal pit...April, 2013 by Ron Gower
    Mine Shaft Opens At Site Of 1963 Coaldale Cave-in..'January 19, 1988|by WALTER KRAUS, The Morning Call
    Manilla Grove coaster was a show stopper!
    Victory Ship Name Honored Coaldale and Coal Miners Jack Yalch
    When Women from Coaldale were Railroad “Gandy Dancers”
    St. Mary's Orthodox Church...Centennial Jubilee
    Lithuanian's in Coaldale
     Shrine Stands As Memorial To Coaldale's Rev. Mockus
    Coaldale launches website (
    Letter from President Ford’s Representative to Coaldale Bicentennial Association...1975
    St. Patrick's Day Parades...1933
     Coaldale Victory Band - Photoreport and its History
     TV chef celebrates success, cooks at church in Coaldale...1904
    Coaldale Unveils Historical Markers..2002
    Memories of coal days come alive at Coaldale train Al Sword
    Coaldale Begins Birthday Festivities ...July 10, 2000|by JACKY MARTIN
    Photos - Christmas...2012 and 2011
    Photos of 2013 February Snow Scenes in Coaldale
    Photos-St. Patrick Day - Home Decorations 2012
    Photos Springtime - April 2013
    Photos Summertime - July 2013
    Photos Halloween and October Homes and Scenes - Autumn 2013 - 2014
    Photos, Random ...March 2014
    Photos Random...May 2014
    Photos Random...July 2014
    Photos Random...April 2015
    Photos Re: Memorial...May 2015
    Photos Randon...July 2015
    Photos Halloween and October 2017
   Photos Random Christmas...December 2017
   Photos Randdom Christmas...December 2017
   Photos Random ...January 2018
   Photos Memorial Day...2018
   Photos Random....April 2018
   Photos Random....August 2018
   Photos - Our Veterans on Banners
   Photos Coaldale Colliery - 1907
    Photos: Class of 1963 - Reunion and 70th Birthday Party
    Coaldale Complex Trophy Case...Nov. 2014 ...Times News... Lisa Price
    Save Our Sleves ...(S.O.S)
    Coaldale builds park to remember miners...2003
    Coaldale Fest Salutes Slovak Traditions Chris Parker
    Melodies of Christmas ring out in Coaldale..(ANDREW LEIBENGUTH... TIMES NEWS)...Friday, December 18, 2009
    Odd and Ends - you are invited to send in any knowledge of any historical of any individual, event or organization
    Coaldale's Bars (by Street)...1940's - 1950's
    Foag Gallagher's "Psychology".....\by Jack Yalch
    Bishop from Russia at Coaldale Church Dedication in 1914
    Vignettes from The Coaldale Observer Newspaper...1916 -1932
    Vignettes from The Coaldale Observer Newspaper - 1922 & 1938
    Yes, the Switchback Railroad Started in Coaldale 1987
    No Suggestive Dancing...1913 - (2)William Sharpe 1974
    Coaldale native's dog a winner - Ron Gower
    I'm dreaming of a Black Christmas
    The "Staties" hit the Coaldale Horse Parlor
    Columnist "Bumped Into" Powerful Union Boss John L. Lewis
    Coal Miner's Legacy Lives On - Eddie Rehatcheck
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