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Coaldale, PA 18218
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Coaldale, Pennsylvania
Dedication of Korean, Vietnam 
and Desert Storm Memorial
Sunday,  November 9,  2008
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DO YOU REMEMBER . . . . . . . . . .

---laughing at the end men in the annual minstrel show

---singing "Adeste Fidelis" while walking down the center aisle of C.H.S.

---ice skating on the pond at Fifth and Phillip Streets

---crowding on the bleachers at P.V.R.C. to watch the Irish American Day entertainment

---walking to Seek through Fosters for the end of the year school picnic or

---riding to Lakewood if you were in Jr. High

---listening to Bright's Saturday morning radio program

---flattening cans and taking them to school to earn your private or corporal stripes

---seeing horse stables at the corner of Howard Avenue and Second Street

---watching black faced miners trudge home

---buying candy at Stevie's on the way to school

---hanging around at the Angela Luncheonette, better known as " Bucks "

---riding the trolly to Manila Grove

---trying to get Mrs. Kinn's parrot to talk when it was outside on a sunny day

---eating good food and dancing polkas on the wooden platform at the church picnics on Lehigh Street

---picking huckleberries before the pool was built

---oohing and ah-hing at the 4th of July fireworks at the pool

---swimming at the No.12 even through you were told not to

---watching the men play golf on their home made course "out the back" of the WestWard Gun Club

---hearing about the lime flowing down Second Street when the trough broke while building St. Mary's school

---walking around Laurel Hill, Stumpy Street, Hunkey Street or Bucks Mt.

---seeing the C.H.S. majorettes in uniform with trousers.