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March 13, 2016

COAL REGION CONNECTIONS CELEBRATES ITS 2ND ANNIVERSARY THIS WEEKEND BY BRINGING BACK OUR MOST POPULAR POST EVER. Click LIKE if you want to learn more about a Slovak specialty that arrived in the coal region over 100 years ago & is still found on Easter Sunday tables today.
Hrudka Egg has many names including pascha cheese, egg cheese ball, sirok, cirak, & sirecz to name a few. When you really think about it, it is nothing more than cold scrambled egg.
My grandparents came to this country from Czechoslovakia seeking a better life. They brought with them Slovak traditions, foods, & customs that was passed to their children. My parents kept the spirit of my grandparents alive by passing those teachings along to my brother & I.
Growing up in Coaldale Pa. ,hrudka egg had a prominent place in our Easter food basket that would be blessed in church on Holy Saturday after the town's traditional Easter Egg hunt at the West Ward Rod & Gun Club.
Hrudka Egg is simple to make. All you need is: 
1 dozen eggs 
1 quart whole milk 
1 teaspoon salt
Beat the eggs well, add milk & salt in a double boiler. Cook over medium heat until curds are formed. Pour into a clean fine white cloth (cheese cloth), tie Up & hang to drain off excess liquid & form into a solid ball. Some folks hang their hrudka on the clothesline whole others hang it over their sink. We store the finished hrudka egg in a dish covered with a moist dish towel in the refrigerator.
Please note--I use whole milk--not skim, 1%, or 2% milk. A listener to our WLSH radio show who has been making hrudka egg for decades will be trying soy milk this year. She will tell us how it fared out. Another listener does his egg in the microwave. He does it 10 minutes on HIGH, stirs the mixture, does another 12 minutes on HIGH, then 1 final stir before putting the contents in the cheesecloth.
Some people add sugar or vanilla or peppercorn for flavoring when cooking. I prefer my hrudka egg plain with a little salt & pepper on it. 
I recall Easter breakfast with hrudka egg, fresh paska bread, lamb butter, kielbasy, ham, hard-boiled eggs, & beet horseradish. My parents always said blessing the Easter basket made the food taste even better. Sound familiar to you?
Thank you for making this post our most popular ever. Since it was first published on March 8, 2014, it received over 4,300 LIKES, over 7,700 SHARES, & over 1,300 COMMENTS. 
Thank you for making this nostalgia fan page a success! In 2 years, we have grown & added 12,500+ fans in over 25 countries. 
We look forward to your continued support & we always welcome your suggestions for future posts.

Hrudka: Slovak Egg Cheese Recipe for Easter
An Easter Treat