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Source: The "Orange and Black," Coaldale, PA, June 1, 1931

The last assembly given in the Coaldale High School this term was directed by Miss Cred Jones.

The program was given for laughing purposes only, and it was something new and different in the line of entertainment.

The first on the program was a beauty contest--and what a contest! It consisted of all boys dressed as girls. We must say that some of the boys would certainly make good looking girls. Ed Korsak was chosen by the men on the faculty as "Miss Coaldale High." How Miss Jones got the boys to dress in female's clothing is a problem to everyone, but then those boys are all good sports.

Bob Hoag sang two solos which were enjoyed by all.

August Pastucha and Johnny Millan gave an accordion and clarinet duet which went over big.

We must mention the Junior Jazz Band conducted by Willie Pishlak, the band surprised and pleased the audience by playing some snappy and peppy popular songs. It is hoped that these boys will stick together in future years.

An opportunity was given to us to hear some outside talent; a McAdoo School boy and girl played a few numbers on a saxophone and trumpet.

Last but not least was a "Mock Wedding Ceremony." Mary Pascoe sang "Oh Promise Me." Miss McElhenney played "Here Comes the Bride." David Jeffries and Bill Pishlak acted as flower girls. Ray Evans, the Minister, Cornelius Barrett was the good-looking Groom while Al Popik played the part of the Blushing Bride. Ed Korsak was Maid of Honor and Steve Martinec was Best Man. William Moneta was Train Bearer. Tommy Skrabak took the part of a lunatic and Joe Packer the caretaker of the Asylum.

The boys certainly did put the program across and most of the bashful ones surprised all by giving a good performance and showing abilities that were hidden until this part of the program.
A Look Back....1931