Our Past Alumni History

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Coaldale Athletes in Carbon County Sports Hall of Fame:
     Inducted: Pete Ginda, Ed Palkovich, Charlie Gangaware; May 27, 2012
     Inducted: Ed Kassak, Joe "Lily" Kerak and Andy Yarosky; May 29, 2006
     Inducted: Bob Shubeck, Bill Sproule; May 29, 2005
    Inducted: Pete Julo, Bob Parfitt, John Swenson, Eddie Urban; May 27, 2003
     Inducted: Joe Lopez, Ed Shubeck and Donald Butts; May 2. 2002
     Inducted: Frank Trimmel, Bill Evans, Jack Evans and John Welsh;May 17, 1999
     Inducted: Robert Barry, James Gildea and Leo Shanosky... 1998
     Inducted: Joe "Chappy" Sharpe, Teeler Jabbo and Frank Priggins.... 1997
    Inducted: Andy C. Kalen, Joe Zenko... 1996
    Inducted: Joe Shanosky, Geno Poli, Daniel J. O'Donnell ...1995
    Inducted: Tom "Dukes" Flyzik, Tom Raymer... Charles Ruslavage. 1994
    Inducted: Gid Gildea, Joe Rilo, John Kuzman... 1993
    Inducted: Dolph Tokarczyk, Steve Martinec, Pete Sachon... 1992
    Inducted: Dan Sneddon, George Welsh , Walt Macenka. ..1991
     Inducted: Dr Richard Miller, Robert Scutta, Frank DeFebo...May 29, 2011
     Inducted: Pete Radocha, Diana Demianenko, Joseph Ozefovich, John Posta... May 26, 2013
    Inducted: Bill Edwards, Bill "Angel" Donovan, Vince Gildea...May25, 2014
    Inducted: James Bonner, Mike Frendak, Jack Evans...May 24, 2015
    Indudted: Joe Terry, Allysa Vavro, Joe Holobek ...May, 2016
   Inducted: Greg Posta, Evan Evans, Ed. Hedes...May 2017
   Inducted: Ted Bortnick, Mike "Puss" Paslawsky, John Horoschak, Jack Sweeney. May, 2018
   Greg Posta...
   John J. (Jake) Flyzik...Class of 1958
Carbon County Sports Hall Of Fame Inducts 24, Former Denver Bronco Speaker At Ceremony...May 28, 1991The Morning Call
2014- CCHOF -Banquet Photos
Tom Rosachak - 2014 Lansford Inductee -Son of Coaldale Alumnus

      Inducted in the Pennsylvania State Hall of Fame - Kalen & Zenko
      Carbon County Hall of Fame Inductees ...1991 -2014
      Coaldale Virtual Sports Hall of Fame
             Karen Hughes ... (Daughter of Harold Parfitt)...Close advisor to President Bush
              Lt. Colonel Thomas M. Frendak . . . Coaldale native
             Ed. Wolfe - Teacher and bowling coach retires - 1995
             Gene Collier - Sports Columnist Click here for his role as comedian
              Thomas J. Dirnberger - Doctor - Family Practice
              James Snedden - Controller City of York , Pa.

            Harold Parfitt. . . .Army Major General ... Panama Canal Governor
            Pete Sachon
             Dolph Tokarczyk
            Bernard (Bunny) Blaney
            Daniel "Juggy" Weiksner
            Edward Farrell
            Col. Frank G. McCartney
            John J. Radocha - Coaldale Mayor - 12 Years
.....,,...... Evan Evans - COALDALE'S DISTINGUISHED SON
           Tommy J. Evans
Our Honored Servicemen
           Photos of Coaldale Veterans

In Tribute:
            Coaldale's World War II Memorial.
            Corporal: Joseph C. Brazz - World War 11
            Captain: Norman Louis Nesterak - South Vietnam - 1961
            Private Anthony Bensch - Pennsylvania State Police - 1961
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