Coaldale, Pennsylvania
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Voter can use multiple answers at first voting session
What things have you ever made out of snow? -igloo
-fruity slushy
-luge track
-sleigh jump
-snow angel
-snow candy
-snow cone
-snow fort
-snow ice cream
-snow woman
Last Week's Poll:
Tamaqua's Founder Burkhardt Moser, father of Coaldale's Founder John Moser, allegedly took part in what historic event?
a. First Tamaqua-Coaldale football game, 1921(3)... 33%
b. Battle of Gettysburg, 1863(1)... 11%
c. Battle of New Orleans, 1815(0)
d. Boston Tea Party, 1773(4) ...44%
e. I don't know(1)... 11%

Actual Answer: d. Boston Tea Party, 1773, according to
9 total votes