Our Past Alumni History

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Coaldale Athletes in Carbon County Sports Hall of Fame:
             Inducted Ed Kassak, Joe "Lily" Kerak and Andy Yarosky: May 29,2006
             Inducted Bob Shubeck, Bill Sproule May 29, 2005
             Inducted: Pete Julo, Bob Parfitt, John Swenson, Eddie Urban. May 27, 2003
             Inducted: Joe Lopez, Ed Shubeck and Donald Butts. May 2. 2002
             Inducted: Frank Trimmel, Bill Evans, Jack Evans and John Welsh. May 17,1999
             Inducted: Robert Barry, James Gildea and Leo Shanosky. 1998
             Inducted: Joe "Chappy" Sharpe, Teeler Jabbo and Frank Priggins. 1997
             Inducted: Andy C. Kalen, Joe Zenko. 1996
             Inducted: Joe Shanosky, Geno Poli, Daniel J. O'Donnell 1995
             Inducted: Tom "Dukes" Flyzik, Tom Raymer, Charles Ruslavage. 1994
             Inducted: Gid Gildea, Joe Rilo, John Kuzman. 1993
             Inducted: Dolph Tokarczyk, Steve Martinec, Pete Sachon. 1992
             Inducted: Dan Sneddon, George Welsh , Walt Macenka. 1991
     Inducted: Dr Richard Miller, Robert Scutta, Frank DeFebo...

              Inducted in the Pennsylvania State Hall of Fame - Kalen & Zenko
      Coaldale Virtual Sports Hall of Fame
             Karen Hughes ... (Daughter of Harold Parfitt)...Close advisor to President Bush
             Lt. Colonel Thomas M. Frendak . . . Coaldale native
             Ed. Wolfe - Teacher and bowling coach retires - 1995
             Gene Collier - Sports Columnist Click here for his role as comedian
             Thomas J. Dirnberger - Doctor - Family Practice
             James Snedden - Controller City of York , Pa.

            Harold Parfitt. . . .Army Major General ... Panama Canal Governor
            Pete Sachon
            Dolph Tokarczyk
            Bernard (Bunny) Blaney
            Daniel "Juggy" Weiksner
            Edward Farrell
            Col. Frank G. McCartney
            John J. Radocha - Coaldale Mayor - 12 Years
.....,,......Evan Evans - COALDALE'S DISTINGUISHED SON
           Tommy J. Evans
            John Kuzman - Native Son - Former National Football League Player
Our Honored Servicemen
           Photos of Coaldale Veterans

In Tribute:
            Coaldale's World War II Memorial.
            Corporal: Joseph C. Brazz - World War 11
            Captain: Norman Louis Nesterak - South Vietnam - 1961
            Private Anthony Bensch - Pennsylvania State Police - 1961
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